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Murphy Distributors Secures Exclusive Distribution for “The Real Dill – 100% Natural Bloody Mary Mix”

Branford, CT – Murphy Distributors announced today it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights to

product-large-bmm1“The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix” for Connecticut.

The Real Dill is a pickle company in Denver, Colorado that has been pickling cucumbers since May 2012 and, as of May 2013, has been creating a much sought-after Bloody Mary mix.

The headquarters, aka The Dillery, is the brainchild of co-founders Justin Park & Tyler DuBois. Each had been making pickles on their own, just for fun. Good friends, they would share their goods with each other, comparing notes. After exchanging recipes for a while they finally made a batch together with fresh ingredients from Tyler’s garden.

The pickles – the first ever version of their Jalapeño Honey Dills – were so unique, crunchy, and flavorful, that they decided that they needed to do something with their creation. They spent the better part of the next two years developing new recipes, drawing inspiration from unique ingredients that they loved to cook with but had not necessarily been typically associated with pickles.

Initially, DuBois and Park dumped the leftover cucumber-infused water down the drain. They used to throw it out, but it smelled so good and it tasted so good, they felt guilty about throwing it out.

In May 2013, the duo began adding tomato juice and spices to make the Bloody Mary mix and the market gulped it down. It’s now The Real Dill’s top seller and there’s sometimes a need to juice cucumbers  when there’s not enough pickling byproduct. The Real Dill’s Habanero Horseradish Dills inspired the Bloody Mary mix. The freshness of ingredients is key to any great cocktail or dish and The Real Dill is surely aware of this. Every ingredient is hand chopped and placed into the jars.

“We are delighted to be the exclusive distributor of The Real Dill’s Bloody Mary Mix in Connecticut,” said Matthew Murphy, President of Murphy Distributors. “When looking at a jar of The Real Dill’s Bloody Mary Mix, you can clearly see lots of spices dispersed throughout, along with the fresh dill, horseradish, habanero, and garlic.  It’s definitely one of our hottest items,” said Murphy. “Response to it has been phenomenal with ever increasing demand. It flies off the shelves,” he added.

What differentiates The Real Dill’s Bloody Mary Mix from others?
The Real Dill’s mix uses organic tomato paste as a base ingredient versus tomato puree which many companies use as a base. The tomato paste adds a fresher flavor. ALL of the ingredients used in The Real Dill’s mix are fresh and there are no additives; no high fructose corn syrup or hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. Therefore, many Bloody Mary mixes found in stores can have a “sugary” taste from artificial sweeteners– The Real Dill is not one of them. Most mixes do not have horseradish or dill in them, either; you usually have to add these ingredients yourself.

“This slightly spicy mix can be enjoyed with your favorite spirit such as Tequila, Gin, a light lager, or just enjoyed by itself,” said Murphy. “It is the perfect Bloody Mary with brunch!”

“The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix is synonymous with our rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in the Connecticut market,” Murphy said.  “We are currently delivering to retailers and restaurants throughout New Haven County, Fairfield County and Hartford County.”

Please ask your local retailer if they carry The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix and be a part of the community.  For more information and a complete list of current retail outlets, contact Murphy Distributors at 203.483.3100 or email them at

Media Contact:
Lynn DeJoseph
DeJoseph, Ohlsen Group

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