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Murphy Distributors Adds LIQS Cocktail Shots the Company’s Exclusive Distribution List

LIQ-POS-Render-FINAL-smallBranford, CT – Murphy Distributors announced today it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights to LIQS Cocktail Shots for Connecticut.

“We are excited to have been chosen as the exclusive distributor for LIQS products,” said Murphy Distributors president and founder, Matthew Murphy. “LIQS Cocktail Shots are innovative and fun. LIQS is the first of its kind, offering customers a naturally flavored, portable shot made from only the highest quality ingredients and spirits. They have revolutionized the way cocktails are consumed and created an entirely new market for alcoholic beverages with its “Cocktail Shots.”

They are innovators within the category and have re-invented the way a new generation of consumers enjoy cocktail shots. We embrace this as we continue to evolve as the new generation of distributor.”

LIQS Cocktail Shots, founded in 2013, were the brainchild of Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer, two born and raised New Yorkers who both have a passion for premium spirits, LIQS is a line of super-premium, handcrafted cocktail shots and the first of its kind in the alcohol industry.  LIQS cocktail shots use only the highest quality ingredients.

Top-shelf spirits combined with all-natural flavors, they are low calorie and contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Currently sold in four flavors, consumers can choose from:

Vodka Kamikaze –  A modern twist on a traditional favorite.  Originally made from vodka, triple sec and lime juice, the kamikaze has been a nightlife staple for years. LIQS infused their shots with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla that will surprise and energize your taste buds.

Vodka Cucumber Lime –  By combining the cooling nature of cucumber with the citrus of lime, LIQS has created an ideal mix to blend with super premium vodka. The result is a light and refreshing cocktail shot perfect for any occasion.

Vodka Lychee Grapefruit – The most fruit forward of our cocktail shots, we keep the flavors natural, not overly sweet. The citrus of grapefruit balances effortlessly with the sweetness of lychee.

Tequila Cinnamon Orange – The finest tequila connoisseurs were enlisted to blend the subtle spice of cinnamon with fresh orange to create an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet.

“The LIQS Cocktail Shots are low in calories and kosher. Made in the USA, they come in packs of three, recyclable and reusable plastic shot cups,” added Murphy.

“LIQS are a perfect addition to any occasion from entertaining at home, to beach parties to poolside events. We are currently delivering to select retailers and fine hotels throughout Connecticut.

Please ask your local retailer if they carry LIQS Cocktail Shots for your next party.  For more information and a complete list of current retail outlets, contact Murphy Distributors at 203.483.3100 or email at


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Murphy Distributors Welcomes Punzone Organic Italian Vodka to Its Exclusive Distribution List

PunzoneBranford, CT – Murphy Distributors announced today it has obtained the exclusive distribution rights to Punzone; the first imported Italian Ultra-Premium vodka line directly from Italy’s preeminent food and wine region for the State of Connecticut.


“We are delighted to add Punzone Organic Italian Vodka to our elite distribution portfolio.  Frank Guerrera, the CEO and Founder of Punzone, is a first generation Italian American from New York City. Guerrera’s ambition was to craft an entire line of Vodka products using only all natural, high quality, organic ingredients,” said Matthew Murphy, president of Murphy Distributors.


“He shares our perseverance, passion, and tenacity to break into an industry primarily dominated by established players.  Guerrera painstakingly persisted, paying extreme attention to every detail and authenticity to his product and every detail to the business. He pushed the limits and brought the integrity of Punzone to market as it is today,” Murphy added.


Punzone was formed with Guerrera’s belief and pledge to use only the freshest, all natural ingredients which he considers the key to great flavor and superior quality.  By all accounts, he succeeded.


Punzone family of vodkas include Punzone Italian Organic Vodka 80 proof which is uniquely handcrafted in a five-column distillation system from Italian wheat grown in Piemonte, Italy.  It is precisely blended with pure water from the Italian Alps to ensure that no unnatural additives taint its unmistakably smooth consistency.

Punzone’s Blended, not flavored, Vodkas offer two unique varieties – Punzone Blood Orange Originale 34 Proof is an exquisite fusion of the ultra-premium Punzone Vodka enlivened with a delicate blend of red Sangiovese grapes and blood orange from Calabria.

Punzone Lemoncino 34 Proof (not Lemoncello) is a delicate blend of the ultra-premium vodka refreshed with a unique fusion of white Chardonnay grapes and Sicilian lemon.

Punzone Vodka has received the International 5-Star Diamond award consecutively since 2012 by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.


“Punzone Organic Italian Vodka is synonymous with our rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in the Connecticut market,” Murphy said.  “We are currently delivering to retailers and restaurants throughout the State of Connecticut.”


Please ask your local retailer if they carry Punzone Vodka.  For more information and a complete list of current retail outlets, contact Murphy Distributors 203-483-3100 or email at


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