Murphy Distributors Launches New Division – Murphy Solutions

Murphy Distributors Launches New Division - Murphy SolutionsBranford, CT – Murphy Distributors, one of the fastest growing and innovative distributors of fine wines, craft beers and artisan spirits in CT, is willing to share the secrets of their success.

The wine, beer and spirits business is among the most competitive industries in the U.S. When you work in an industry that’s dependent on understanding the tastes and trends of consumers, the ability to turn data on warehousing, logistics and distribution into actionable information is critical. Meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer, Murphy Distributors spearheaded the formation of proprietary technology by putting that information to work. As business grows, so does the complexity of the business operations. Using a competitive edge to make importing, wholesaling or brokering beverages more valuable to their customers is what it’s all about.

“In 2015, we used our own experience and circumstances to develop and launch Murphy Solutions, a distribution division of Murphy Distributors. We recognized that, like us, other importers, wholesalers and brokers in Connecticut need flexible solutions that keep pace with beverage market dynamics,” said President Matthew Murphy. ” We are looking at 2016 to aggressively market the service,” he added.

Murphy Solutions is a service offering warehouse, logistics and distribution services to other importers, wholesalers and brokers within Connecticut. Murphy Solutions is the only beverage-only company that offers this service with the most efficient delivery service, high tech infrastructure, and warehousing solution to support multiple sales channels across the states.

“We felt we were uniquely qualified to develop a winning distribution solution. Just as a great chef knows that the recipe for success includes quality ingredients, skilled preparation and expert service, Murphy Solutions recognizes what is crucial for continued success,” said Murphy.

Murphy Distributors leverages its strong customer relationships and rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in key Connecticut accounts. Specialists in brand development, grassroots marketing and abilities to tie product, market and community trends together, the Murphy Distributors team with Matt Murphy at the helm, is making a distinctive mark on Connecticut’s liquor distribution industry.

Murphy Distributors continues to be one of the top Distributors of choice for suppliers in and entering the Connecticut market.

For more information on Murphy Solutions and how it can help your business, contact Matthew Murphy at 203.483.3100.