Murphy Distributors – Reaching for the Brass Ring

Matt_MurphBranford, CT – At just 23 years old, Matthew Murphy had a vision – to introduce the world’s finest wines, craft beers, and artisan spirits to those who appreciate quality.
Murphy is notably one of the youngest distributor founders in the country. His passion and enthusiasm for his business was ignited when he traveled extensively through Europe and later lived in South American countries where he learned the intricacies of wine and its creation. Living in Argentina where wine is a huge part of their culture, fueled his passion to help a friend establish a wine importing company in Natal, Brazil. Up until then, Natal had not experienced much of a “wine culture.”

“We started importing Argentine wine and really just tried to get people to drink it,” said Murphy. Their efforts paid off as Brazil developed its own culture of drinking wine.

Returning to his Connecticut roots in 2008, Matt channeled his energy into founding his original company, Do Valle. As the company grew, he began importing wines from international and domestic vineyards and the company name was changed to Murphy Distributors to align itself more with its expansion into the craft markets of beer and spirits.
The company is focused in providing superior service and developing positive relationships with diverse suppliers and customers in order to build a world class company. Committed to being a valued resource to their suppliers, Murphy Distributors partners their suppliers to build brands with a strategic focus on marketing. The goal is to obtain a high performance, results-producing culture. Each day, Murphy Distributors strives to earn, build and maintain a positive relationship of trust in the community. Additionally, the company leverages the press and social media to gain recognition.

The wine, beer and spirits business is among the most competitive industries in the U.S. How does a distributor separate itself from the rest? Murphy explains that products are exclusive to the distributor in Connecticut but the retail shelf space is the brass ring. Having a different set of products and using a competitive edge to make Murphy Distributors more valuable to their customers is what it’s all about.

Murphy Distributors leverages its strong customer relationships and rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in key Connecticut accounts. Specialists in brand development, grass roots marketing and abilities to tie product, market and community trends together, the Murphy Distributors team with Matt Murphy at the helm, is making a distinctive mark on Connecticut’s liquor distribution industry. Their goal is to help their customers (who are referred to as members) grow businesses in a B2B fashion. The vehicle to grow the businesses is through beverages, but Murphy Distributors also support the businesses with brands that offer better margins for more success and profits. In turn, it helps the community by providing jobs.
America’s wine and spirits wholesalers are at the center of a two hundred billion dollar industry, which results in the collection of over $55 billion in federal, state and local taxes annually. Wholesalers alone employ more than 63,000 workers, who collectively earn nearly $5 billion in wages each year.
Today, the state’s wine and spirits industry supports a multi-billion dollar economy, employs hundreds of thousands of workers, and provides millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state and federal governments.
The state’s 142 wine and spirits wholesaler locations are a crucial part of the responsible and efficient
distribution system that provides adults with access to a wide variety of quality products from around the world.
• The wine and spirits industry supports 10,820 jobs, which includes more than 1,250 workers at wholesaler firms and $121,40 million in wages.
• The total economic impact of the industry in Connecticut is nearly $12,252,017,400.
• Beyond wages and economic impact, the modern wine and spirits industry in Connecticut generates a total of more than $83,901,554 in state business and consumer taxes.

Murphy Distributors strives to honor long-standing commitments that are in place and have forged many meaningful charitable relationships over the years.

“Our mission is to help local families in need, in local communities around the state. Our promise is to sponsor a family in need when one of our customers places an order with us; in their name – in their community, “ explains Matthew Murphy, founder/president of Murphy Distributors. “We recognize that our customers are the backbone to our business and we want to show our support for them in return by sponsoring a family on their behalf. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Murphy Distributors prides itself on being a conscientious corporation, and has an admirable record of involvement and assistance with local charitable organizations. Involvement with Special Olympics and Branford Tip-a-Cop are yearly commitments. The company donates annually to over 100 charities through tastings and direct donations. A division of the company “Buy Wine, Help CT” gives to local families in the community that are in need.
In 2014, Murphy received the “Small Business Person of the Year”. Murphy was recognized for his achievements in business and in his community as well as his role in helping to drive the state’s economic growth.