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Murphy Distributors Congratulates Client Punzoné Organic Italian Vodka On Epic Win

Punzone BottlesBranford, CT – Murphy Distributors is proud to congratulate Punzoné Vodka on winning the Organic Vodka of the Year Award for 2015. Murphy Distributors is the exclusive distributor for Punzoné Organic Vodka in the State of Connecticut.

“The Double Gold Medal in the Bar Business Magazine Spirits Competition is the highest award that can be given by our esteemed judges….” “…It is a win that is no easy accomplishment with such fierce competition in the market. It defines a true standout” – Art Sutley, Publisher, Bar Business Magazine

With organic food gaining speed in America, it makes sense that organic liquor is making its way to the shelves as well. The concept is fairly straight forward—the spirits are made from organic raw ingredients. Securing such extensive organic certification is no small feat. Each ingredient must be traced back to its growth origins and fields must only use natural fertilizers and encourage biodiversity.

“Frank Guererra, CEO and Founder of Punzoné, is a first generation Italian American from New York City. With his Mediterranean roots, he grew up with a penchant for healthy food and drink, Punzoné (that’s Italian for “punch”) began as a popular drink he’d make for parties. Eventually he came up with the idea of making vodka in Italy. With water from the Italian Alps and organic wheat from Piedmont, this vodka gets distilled through a continuous five-column distillation system. It has a very smooth consistency whose flavor rests on the tip of the palate. It’s good enough to sip alone, but mixes easily. The brand offers two fruity and refreshing flavors, Blood Orange and Lemoncino, ” said Matthew Murphy, President of Murphy Distributors. “Certified organic & authentically Italian, this trio of Vodkas is winning over Americans daily,” added Murphy.

“Guerrera shares our perseverance, passion, and tenacity to break into an industry primarily dominated by established players. It is what differentiates us. People are not used to Italian vodkas, for one, and Punzoné is positioning itself as a luxury, organic vodka. We’re not just another distributor; we represent something different as well, and that is luxury brands and branding.” Murphy added.

Punzoné’s Blended, not flavored, Vodkas offer two unique varieties – Punzone Blood Orange Originale 34 Proof is an exquisite fusion of the ultra-premium Punzone Vodka enlivened with a delicate blend of red Sangiovese grapes and blood orange from Calabria.

Punzoné Lemoncino 34 Proof (not Lemoncello) is a delicate blend of the ultra-premium vodka refreshed with a unique fusion of white Chardonnay grapes and Sicilian lemon.

Punzoné Vodka has received the International 5-Star Diamond award consecutively since 2012 by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.
“Punzoné Organic Italian Vodka is synonymous with our rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in the Connecticut market,” Murphy said. “We are currently delivering to retailers and restaurants throughout the State of Connecticut.”

Please ask your local retailer if they carry Punzoné Organic Vodka. For more information and a complete list of current retail outlets, contact Murphy Distributors203-483-3100 or email at

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