About Us

Murphy Beverage Co. is the fastest growing distributor of Fine Wine, Craft Beer, and Artisan Spirits in Connecticut since its inception over 10 years ago.

The company was founded on a vision to become the Connecticut Beverage Supplier that retailers and restaurants choose to enhance their business’ success and brand image. It is a vision that channels our enthusiasm and knowledge for our products, fuels our energy for our business and drives us to be flexible and dependable for our customers.

Murphy Distributors leverages its strong customer relationships and rapidly developing reputation to place and grow supplier brands in key Connecticut accounts. Specialists in brand development, grassroots marketing, and abilities to tie product, market, and community trends together, the Murphy Distributors team is making a distinctive mark on Connecticut’s liquor distribution industry.

Our customer-centric company has been building brands in an exclusive franchise state since its inception in 2008 while delivering exceptional results to our suppliers quickly and efficiently. Our team is composed of sommelier certificate holders, mixologists, and an award-winning executive branch that brings a commitment to professionalism and service unequaled in the industry.

Murphy Distributors – enthusiasm, energy, and expertise to spearhead businesses in Connecticut.

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Where are we located?
Murphy is a Fine Wine and Spirits distributor located in South Central Connecticut, located directly off I-95, between Boston and New York.
Our mission
The company was founded on a vision to become The Beverage Supplier that retailers and restaurants choose to enhance their business success and brand image (BSBI). It is a vision that channels our enthusiasm and knowledge of products and fuels our energy for our business that drives us to be flexible and dependable for our customers.
Our passion
Our passion is driving business growth; within our customer base and outside by growing and developing our supplier’s business in our markets. Our success is directly linked to our customers and we strive to help develop our customers’ business while creating jobs in the community.

We contribute annually to local charities, are active in state-wide employment programs, and thrive on the success of our community.

The way we work
We work almost entirely by developing a strong rapport with our clients and from their referrals.

We understand when choosing a beverage vendor, there are many different options, so it is our mission to provide a relationship that is clear, transparent, mutually beneficial, and comfortable. Our business focuses on the growth of our customers’ business; this is done by providing around the clock service, extreme and meticulous reliability with vetted, sound producers, and products.

Above all, the Murphy Culture is based on a partnership within the supply chain, and a point of emphasis for every person within the organization is the understanding that our success is directly linked to the success of our customers.

How we work
We provide a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds within the beverage industry succeed. These programs form the backbone of our own business, they also enable our customers around Connecticut to grow theirs. This means making the supply chain intelligent, faster, and more efficient. Understanding the needs of each customer in the market and applying the proper support is what we do best.
Why we do it
When you buy from a small business like Murphy, you are helping a little girl get a pair of horse riding boots, a son get his first sports team jersey, a dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, and start a newborns savings account for college. We believe in community and our roots are entrenched within our towns, supporting our people within in all aspects.
Our process
If you ever walked into our board room, you would find a chalkboard the size of the adjacent wall, with an intricate matrix of lines, arrows, and customer needs. We are able to provide our programs and services to the customer by continually aligning a specific road map in everything we do.

Detours periodically and definitely occur; that is vital to business and our competitive advantage. This directly provides a purpose and a strategic path to achieve success as a team and individually.

How Can We Help?

Contact our office to learn more about our company and see how we can help you. 800-516-0734 or send us a contact form to set up a time to talk or to request our company overview booklet.